Welcome to the dixt documentation!

What is dixt?

dixt is a framework for Discord bots written in TypeScript. It is designed to be easy to use, and easy to extend.

With dixt, you can build your own Discord bot in a matter of minutes. It's as simple as creating a new project, installing dixt, and writing a few lines of code.

Under the hood, dixt uses discord.js (opens in a new tab) to interact with the Discord API. This means that you can use all of the features of discord.js, while also using the features of dixt. This allows you to focus on building you community instead of spending time on coding and maintaining your bot.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, dixt is the perfect framework to build your own discord bot.

Main Features

Some of the main dixt features include:

PluginsExtend the functionality of your bot with ready-to-use plugins and commands.
Web interface (soon)Manage your bot from a web interface.
TypeScriptImproved support for TypeScript, with better type checking and more efficient compilation.

How To Use These Docs

The sections and pages of the docs are organized sequentially, from basic to advanced, so you can follow them step-by-step when building your bot. However, you can read them in any order or skip to the pages that apply to your use case.

On the right side of the page, you'll see a table of contents that makes it easier to navigate between sections of a page.

To get started, checkout the Installation page. If you're new to discord.js we recommend reading the discord.js Essentials page.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Although our docs are designed to be beginner-friendly, we need to establish a baseline so that the docs can stay focused on dixt functionality. We'll make sure to provide links to relevant documentation whenever we introduce a new concept.

To get the most out of our docs, it's recommended that you have a basic understanding of Node.js and discord.js. If you need to brush up on your node.js or discord.js skills, check out these resources:


For optimal accessibility when using a screen reader while reading the docs, we recommend using Firefox and NVDA, or Safari and VoiceOver.

Join our Community

If you have questions about anything related to dixt, you're always welcome to ask our community on GitHub Issues (opens in a new tab), Discord (opens in a new tab) and Twitter (opens in a new tab).